Our custom design will go beyond your expectations!

Over the years, we have transformed bathrooms from a utilitarian space to a place to refresh yourself, relax, and rejuvenate. More and more home owners who are considering a remodeling project are looking to blend spa-like amenities with their own unique vision of style and comfort. Some of the modern items you can find in today’s bathrooms are smart toilets, spa showers, waterproof TV’s, heated floors, towel warmers and shower rain heads. If you haven’t just moved into a brand new home or you want to have all those modern amenities then you should contact a professional remodeler to handle the transformation of your bathroom from a dull, out of fashion place to a bright and modern one.

We at D & L Bathroom Remodeling can provide you a custom design for your bathroom. Our expert will transform the space into a more efficient and inviting place by incorporating all of the appliances you desire into compliance with your needs and requirements. Luxury is much more than just style; it’s also about value. Custom Design Bathrooms in Port Jefferson Station NYThe quality, luxurious materials are not only durable, they are timeless. Since most people are planning to live in their current home for years to come, selecting the best materials can be a great way to get the most for your money. Let us assist you in your bathroom remodeling by providing you with a unique custom design.

Whether you would like to expand your existing bathroom, add a master bathroom suite, or just spruce up your current space, we can be of assistance. So gather some ideas, browse some online galleries or look through some magazines, then come to us and our design specialists with the consideration of your ideas and requirements will come up with a plan to completely suit all your family’s style and needs.

So, why should you choose D & L Bathroom Remodeling for your bathroom remodeling, custom design or bathroom restoration project? We are a family owned business striving to provide you with an outstanding service and craftsmanship.You can rest at ease knowing that D & L Bathroom Remodeling will be with you every step of the way from the initial design planning, through construction to the very completion of the project. Join our big family and give us a call at (516) 527-0307 where one of our customer representatives will be more than happy to assist you.